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March 1, 2012  (press play to listen)



January 31, 2012


I just wanted to say thank you again for everything.  I'm glad that I came to you guys.  I just wanted to say you guys are a blessing, and because of you guys I can smile once again and that you guys changed my Life.

Thank you guys so much. 



14 April 2010

Dear Dr. Ault,

I feel compelled to take the time to let you know that I think you are the best dentist in the world and I have similar high regard for everyone else that works in your practice.

Since I moved to Honolulu - a city with hundred of dentists - I've been unable to find any that I feel come even close to the level of service you provide.  While it's not the most convenient thing to have to fly to Kona, I continue to do just that to get your care.  Most recently, when I was in Thailand - a place that many Americans go to for inexpensive, "quality" medical and dental care - and suddenly developed acute tooth pain, I arranged to fly back to Hawaii early and visit you.  I did go to 2 dental offices in Thailand to get an x-ray, and at both offices, the dentist told me I needed a root canal.  Typically, a root canal in Thailand costs substantially less that the co-pay under Hawaii Dental plans.)  I am still amazed that your diagnosis and treatment - a painless 5-minute bite adjustment was my problem! (Which probably was brought on by allowing a Honlulu dentist to make a bite adjustment 3 weeks prior to the debilitating pain surfaced.)

Some say that I am a "good complainer" - so I feel compelled to include a complaint in this letter.  That complaint is that you haven't moved your practice to Honolulu.  I wish you'd consider opening an office in Honolulu!  I wonder if the people of Kona realize how lucky they are to have you practicing dentistry there: a)high tech - you invest in equipment and training in the latest techniques b)which contributes to providing fast, efficient and less traumatic/painful treatment c)at a reasonable price, and d)providing accurate and honest evaluation of dental problems and treatment costs and options.


To you and your great staff,